Tips and Tricks

Smoke & Hope Tips & Tricks

1) If you stand in the back of the shooting box, it cuts down the angles and in turn makes your transitions faster.

2)  If you shoot the plates in order (1,2,4,5,3) and you miss plate #4, you can pick it up on the way back to the stop plate and lose minimum time.

The Numbering of the Plates

The easiest way to have a conversation when away from the range is to simply number each steel plate from right to left in shooting order.  For example on Smoke & Hope the first plate on the right is #1, #2, #3 (stop Plate), #4, & #5.  I shoot this stage in the order of 1, 2, 4, 5, 3 (stop).  If I miss # 4, I can pick it up on the way back to #3 (stop plate).

Keep Things Organized

When you are in the box and getting ready to shoot a stage, remember to keep everything in a neat and orderly manner.  Many shooters will find a "groove" and want to shoot the next string as soon as possible.  If you have to take additional time looking for a loaded magazine, this not only disrupts the "groove" but also delays the match for all shooters. 

Lighten the load

When shooting PCC or Rim Fire Rifle, if you are using a large capacity magazine (a 32rd Glock or an Ruger BX25 for example) you may want to consider not filling them up or going to something smaller.  Remember, in theory the heavier the gun, the slower the transition time.  For example, by switching from a fully loaded Glock 32rd magazine to a Glock 17 magazine loaded with 12 rounds,  you will save close to one pound in total weight.

Carefully select who you take advise from

We have plenty of shooters who are more than willing to share some of their tips and tricks with other shooters.  One may want to watch them shoot a stage or two to see if they can perform to their own advise.

Steel Challenge Rules

Here's a link to the Steel Challenge Rules

So, you thing your fast? To see the world records ... click below

The below links details out all of the recognized Steel Challenge world records ... so, so fast.

The Classification System

Click the below link for an excellent article by Steve Foster which nicely explains the Steel Challenge Classification system.

Slowing down is never the right answer ...

"Slowing down is never the right answer, NEVER.  You need to learn to see faster."

Ken Verderame

If you shoot Rim Fire Rifle and PCC ...

You may want shoot the gun that you do best in first ... giving yourself a little warm up and in turn hopefully posting a new P.B. on the second gun.  For example:  If you are a "Master" in PCCO and a "B" class with RFRO, shoot the PCCO first.

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