About the Match Tracker App

Select Your Division to Begin


“Select Division” allows you to choose which of the 13 divisions in Steel Challenge that you want to track and allows you to display a list of the divisions you shoot most often.

Tap the listed division or choose another and click “Continue” to bring up the match tracker for that division.

See Your Progress Instantly


“Stage” includes all steel challenge classifier stages and shows the stage number and peak times (from which classifications are derived) for that division. 

“Best” shows your personal best time for each stage and the classification that time represents. A time shown in Green means you have set a new best time for that stage.

Enter your stage times in the “Today” column to track your stage performance and total times for the match you’re shooting.

“%/Class” shows the percentage versus peak time that you shot and the classification that percentage represents.

Track Your Progress Long Term


The “Track Class” page  instantly shows you how much overall time you need to cut in order to advance to a higher class.

Other features include the ability to track your best string time for each stage and the option to show or hide "Today" match times.  

See the Android Match Tracker in Action

Check out this video to view the functionality of the original version (Version 1.0) of the Match Tracker App. (Click the arrows at lower right of the image to enlarge.) The  current Match Tracker version (Version 2.2) is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store at no charge to members. (This video will soon be updated to reflect the new features in the latest version.)