Match Tracker FAQ's

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Welcome to the Q&A section of the Team Match Tracker web page.  If you have a questions that is not answered below, please send me a message on the contact form and we'll answer and post it to this page.

Q:  What is Team Match Tracker?

A:  Team Match Tracker is a Steel Challenge Shooting Team developed around the Match Tracker App.

Q:  What are the qualifications for becoming a member of Team Match Tracker?

A:  It's simple, Be a member of U.S.P.S.A./STEEL CHALLENGE, be a safe and ethical shooter, help other team members when possible & purchase your Jersey.

Q:  What formats does the Match Tracker App work on?

A:  The intention is for the Match Tracker App to work on both Android and Apple operating systems. Currently, the Android version is available via an email download (still in final testing) and we are working to complete testing on the Apple version.

Q:  Do you have to purchase the App to become a member of Team Match Tracker?

A:  No, but you will want to.  You do need to purchase a jersey to be a team member.

Q:  How much do the Team Jerseys cost?

A:  Currently our Jerseys are provided by MaxT sportswear based in Dallas Texas.  They are $75.00 plus $5.00 shipping if you go directly to MaxT.  If you go through the team member page (sign up as a team member) they are $65.00 plus $5.00 Shipping.  The Match Tracker App (as soon as they are available) is included with the purchase of the Team Match Tracker Jersey.

Q:  Is Team Match Tracker going to offer more "team apparel"?

A:  MaxT is working on a hat design and we will post the details as soon as it's ready.

Q:  What value do Team Match Trackers sponsors offer it's members?

A;  THE PLAN is that as a member of Team Match Tracker, you will receive discounts and other goods of value and consideration from the sponsors.  These benefits may range from a discount on goods to free shipping. 

Q:  How do I join U.S.P.S.A./Steel Challenge?

A:  Here's the link to join USPSA: