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About Team Match Tracker


Team Match Tracker is a Shooting Team that was developed by Vance Williamson and Robert Moore around the Match Tracker App.   


Team Match Tracker welcomes anyone, regardless of  his or her current shooting level, to become a team member. 


Team Match Tracker members are the type of people who are eager to help new shooters develop in the shooting sports. If you believe in GOD and Country, are a member of USPSA, are ethical and safe and like to help others, we would love to have you as a member… regardless of your shooting level.  


Being a member of Team Match Tracker means you’ll always have support at any match where other Match Tracker Team members are present.   


So whether you’re just starting out or have already reached the “Grand Master” level, Team Match Tracker is for you. 


If you are interested in becoming a member of Team Match Tracker, click on the "join Us" tab and fill out the form below.

The Match Tracker App


(Click here to see the Match Tracker App in action.) It all started when …

we noticed what many Steel Challenge shooters do immediately upon finishing their last string on any given stage: They first scribble down on a piece of paper the total time the scorekeeper gives them, then they begin an apparently arduous effort to add, re-add, subtract, multiply, divide, etc., to get some magical number. At the conclusion of this self-imposed math class, they will be either dejected, satisfied, or ecstatic—depending on the outcome of their math machinations.

When we asked these shooters what they were hoping to accomplish through this on-site arithmetic, they gave several answers: 

1)  They were trying to determine if they had lowered their times enough to be “bumped” to a higher classification. 

2)  Or they wanted to see if they beat their previous best time on a specific stage. 

3)  Or they were tracking how they stood in the match versus their buddies, so they could talk smack or take their lumps. 

At the very least, they were writing down their results so they could make some of these same calculations at home.  With this in mind, we came up with the idea of developing a mobile app to streamline this process and provide all the necessary data at once. The realization of that idea is the Match Tracker app. 

With Match Tracker, you can instantly see where you stand as compared to your own personal best times; you can see what you need to shoot as an average string time to beat your best; you can see how far—or close—you are to advancing in classification; and if you do qualify for a bump in classification, you will know it immediately.