Friends of Match Tracker

Red Hill Tactical


What started out as a passion turned into a business for the shooting sports.  Bob King, the owner of Red Hill Tactical, started competitive shooting at the age of 10 and worked his way through several disciplines including NRA Bullseye and USPSA.  As his skill increased he realized that there was not a competitive holster that suited his needs and, as a result, Red Hill Tactical was born.  In addition to RHT's world famous holsters, they carry a full line of shooting related merchandise for all shooting disciplines.

As a member of Team Match Tracker,  you are afforded special pricing on all of RHT's merchandise.  To see the specific details, go the "members only" area of this web sight.

You can check out all of RHT's merchandise at the below link.

Wiland USA


Wiland USA is a Family owned business located in Summerville, SC.  In addition to their "Carolina Crusher" comp, they manufacture some of the lightest 10/22 and 9mm/PCC barrels in the world.  

Wiland USA's LLW (Ludicrously Lightweight) Barrel is fast becoming a leader in custom competitive barrels.  Availble in both .22 and 9mm. W

Wiland USA ...  GO LIGHT, GO FAST!



Handleitgrips is a Veteran owned business that believes in providing our customers the best quality and most affordable gun grips on the market. 100% made in the USA. We base our business practices solely on integrity and making sure our customers have the best buying experience and 100% satisfaction.  We realize that without our customers, were not in business! Our textured rubber grip enhancements provide outstanding comfort, control, and greatly improved recoil management. Whether you shoot as a member of Law Enforcement, The Military, A Competitive Shooting Team or simply enjoy a weekend plinking away with the kids… our grip enhancements will improve your shooting experience!!   

If you're a Match Tracker Team member, go to the members only tab on the team web page to check out the savings Handleitgrips is offering team Match Tracker members.  

Friends of Match Tracker

Steel Target Paint



Home of Steel Target Paint

Formulated for steel targets. Covers quickly. Fast drying. Protects from rust. Environmentally compliant.

Steel Target Paint comes in a 20 ounce aerosol can. Our various colors help shooters match targets with the appropriate caliber. Use our magnetic target templates to create bright, colorful and contrasting target zones on steel plates, gongs, etc. The colors also allow match directors to color-code scenarios during competition stages. For long-distance shooting, these colors can be combined for optimum visibility. Other custom colors are available.

The perfect paint for steel targets. Steel Target Paint covers surfaces quickly and dries fast! This unique, water-based formula protects steel targets from rust and oxidation. Steel Target Paint was designed for shooting ranges, shooting clubs, parks and private ranges and for match competition. Common enamel paints dry slow and build up layers of paint that chip and flake, creating hazards. Steel Target Paint solves these issues by laying down a matte finish which diffuses sunlight and mirage. To protect steel targets and stands from rust, use Red Oxide Primer Paint as a base coat before painting with Steel Target Paint.


Hunters HD Gold


Hunters HD Gold is the official eye wear of USPSA & Steel Challenge.

At Hunters HD Gold our goal is simple: To offer the best hunting & shooting advantage available on the market.

Since we opened over 41 years ago, we have produced the best possible lenses for Optometrist and Ophthalmologist around the United States. We are proud to have a working solution for competitive shooters, hunters and outdoorsman that want to have the best vision possible outdoors.

Each Hunters HD Gold® lens is made one at a time with exceptionally accurate and error-free surface quality with a proprietary optical lens generator.  This process with 4 point quality inspections processes ensure each lens is made with precise optical detail.  Hunters HD Gold is made in Alabama and supporting Alabama Veterans and Families. 

As a friend of Team Match Tracker, go to the "MEMBERS ONLY" page to see what Hunters HD Gold can do for you. 




The Rimfire leader in Quality, Dependability, and Innovation.

Tactical Solutions innovative products are the highest quality in the industry. Our products are available at firearm dealers and sporting good stores throughout the world.

Team Members:  Be sure to go to the "Members Only" page to check out our agreement with TacSol.  It's FANTASTIC!



Products for your Shooting Range and Competition Matches carries a broad line of products to keep your shooting range, shooting club, park or private range running smoothly and looking good. Protect your buildings, huts, storage areas, grounds and range gear. Protect yourself.

  • Weed control
  • Insect control
  • Pest control
  • Weather proofing
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Fire control

Rainbow Technology (our parent company) has supplied specialty products to the utility and industrial markets since 1971. We have selected a range of these industrial grade products which are especially appropriate to those that make the shooting sports run.

  • Match Directors
  • Range Masters
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Building and Grounds Keepers


Tracie's Chamber Flags


Team Match Tracker is proud to partner with Tracie at "Tracie's Chamber Flags".

Tracie Williams, a school teacher and Match Tracker team member, creates and builds custom Chamber Flags to your specification.  A chamber flag allows you to SHOUT your message without looking like you're SHOUTING.

Each custom embroidered Chamber Flag is specifically designed with any saying you like - in any color want.

When ordering, specify for pistol, rifle, or shotgun.

Single sided- $10.90

Double sided- $15.90

3-Gun set double sided- $40.90

3-Gun set single sided- $25.90

Flag colors in stock:  Red, Purple, Black, Yellow, & Pink.  Other colors may be special ordered and will take a little longer to turn around.

Tracie offers free shipping and a 3 to 5 day turn around.

Pay by PayPal or Facebook 

For more information and to order you Chamber Flag contact Tracie at:

Veterans 3 Gun


Match Tracker is a proud friend of Veterans 3 Gun,  Veterans 3 Gun is a non-profit organization built for military veterans, their families and veteran supporters. Click on the below link to find out more!

Friends of Match Tracker

Rudy Project


 In 1985 Rudy Barbazza created Rudy Project in Treviso Italy with a firm conviction to improve the performance of athletes all over the world.  

A love of progress, a passion for style and a keen eye for quality all contributed to give life to his Vision: the world's most technologically advanced sports eyewear.

Rudy Project works in cooperation with athletes from all fields, listening to what they want and what they need.

Rudy Project never stops researching to find the most advanced materials to develop products that elevate your performance.

Technically Cool: the two words that can best sum up this Vision; the two words that best express the DNA of each and every design carrying the brand Rudy Project. 

TEAM MEMBERS, GO TO THE MEMBERS ONLY SECTION FOR A LINK TO THE RUDY PROJECT WEB PAGE & COUPON CODE.  Team Match Tracker members will receive significant savings!!!

Talladega CMP


Team Match Tracker is proud to welcome the Talladega CMP to it's family.  Talladega CMP, located in Talladega, Alabama is the WORLD's finest marksmanship park.  As a member of Team Match Tracker you will have to opportunity to use the facility for gatherings, meeting, events and more at HUGE discounts.  Go to the "Members Section" for additional information!

Click on the CMP logo for more information on the worlds finest shooting park.

Steel Shoot Banners


It's well established that using Dry Fire as a part of your training regiment will lead you to lower scores.  Steel Shoot Banners allows you to train in a realistic manner.   Each of the eight Steel Challenge stages are available.  If you are a Match Tracker Team member, go the the members only section to receive discounts.  To find out more about Steel Shoot Banners, "CLICK" on the above logo to link to their sight.

MaxT Sportswear


MaxT Sportswear, located in Dallas Texas is a proud friend of Team Match Tracker.  MaxT's attention to detail and competitive pricing is among the best in the industry.  If you are a Match Tracker Team member, go to the sponsors page to receive additional discounts.

Do You Feel The Need For Speed?


This book is the first training manual dedicated 100% to becoming a better Steel Challenge shooter. Whether you shoot centerfire, rimfire or PCC, the insights & training methods outlined will help put you miles ahead of your competition.  If you are a Team Match Tracker member, go to the "members only" section for your coupon code.

Powder River Precision


 Not much to say here except that Powder River Precision is one of the  leading manufactures of custom made gun parts in the U.S.A.  PRP's Friendship is for Team Match Tracker members and the specifics are detailed in the "Members Only" section. If you're a 10/22 shooter and are looking for a new "drop In" trigger kit for your rifle, I strongly suggest that you take a detailed look at    

PRP™ 1022® Trigger Assembly  Absolutely Fantastic!

Click on the above logo  for a direct link to the PRP web store.